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FAQ's About MACA LIVE                                     

How Much  MACA LIVE Do I Need?  

One to two full teaspoons of powder daily. Maca is a food and does not have restrictions to size of dose nor are there any known negative side effects.

These are suggestions that have shown to be most effective.   Two to four teaspoons-take half in the morning and other half again in the afternoon to start. The beneficial effects of Maca accumulate with use, and very often the amount of MACA required to maintain a healthy state of balance decreases over time.

Men respond best when taken intentionally over a one - two week span.

Men are encouraged to add zinc to their diet. Men's bodies tend to convert progesterone it makes into estrogen, zinc prevents this.

How do I take  MACA LIVE Powder?

The powder may be mixed in water, or almost any other beverage, and is excellent with apple juice. MACA LIVE mixed in protein drinks is an excellent tasting drink and ideal just before athletic activity. It is good with apple sauce and yogurt. A favorite is mixed in a protein drink and adding a banana or other fruit.

A special treat is to mix your favorite nut butters and raw honey: 2 parts nut butter to one part honey and one part maca. Get creative, just don't heat over 110 degrees or refrigerate unless you are using the Gelatinized maca. 

Maca is a food and may be taken with or without a meal. Those using MACA find that the most convenient time to take it is in the morning when they wake up.  We suggest taking either all at once or in divided amounts. Because Maca does have an energizing effect, we suggest taking it before 8: 00 pm. in order to avoid loosing sleep. It does not disturb your sleep like caffine does, it simply energizes you so that you don't feel tired.

Body builders and athletes perform much better when taking MACA one hour before exercising. Increased stamina and energy has been noted frequently. Allowing MACA to build in the body improves the overall effects. Being consistent and taking MACA daily for several weeks amazes people. Energy and stamina improve dramatically with continued use. Read the How To Use Maca section for more information and ideas.

What About Side Effects? ____________________

There are no known side effects with Maca. Occasionally a woman may develop breast tenderness – this is simply a signal to reduce the amount of MACA being used. It is also not advisable to take Maca late at night, as this may create energy, and keep you from getting a restful nights sleep. Men report increased stimulation if taken late at night. 

What Other Changes Can I Expect While Using MACA LIVE?

Men and women report increased energy levels, increased ability to function under stress, and increased libido. Women report a decrease in the problems associated with PMS, menopause and peri-menopause. Men report increased libido function and stamina . A man's sexual appetite & potency increases with continued use as does a women's.  Women experiencing irregular menses associated with peri-menopause usually experience changes in their periods such as fewer cramps, a gradual decrease in bleeding and fatigue. These effects accumulate with prolonged use of MACA.

How Effective Is It As An Aphrodisiac?

Maca's ability to act as an aphrodisiac is becoming more well known world wide. Maca nurtures the hormonal system establishing a healthy hormonal balance naturally. Recent studies have indicated that the reason for the libido enhancing effect of Maca is due to isocyanothides and fatty acids.

Many people are considering  a return to plant-based suppliments and much discussion is heard about the wonderful effects herbs generally have on the human body as opposed to the side effects commonly found in pharmaceutical drugs.

Research shows that Maca increases sperm count and semen volume, and may improve both erectile and ovarian function. Dr. Chacon, discovered the four alkaloids present in Maca that are responsible for its reputed positive effects on these hormonal issues. Those who have added Maca to their diet claim a significant increase in libido, enhanced sexual function and desire.  

Men and women throughout the world take Maca on a regular basis to enhance their sexual desire and performance as well as to increase their energy levels.

More information is included in the Sexual Enhancer section.

What About Using MACA For Fertility?

MACA has been used for centuries in South America for fertility. In the United States men and women who have had difficulty conceiving are beginning to report pregnancies after using maca.  We recommend both partners (male/female) to be using  Maca while working on conception.  Women usually stop taking maca when pregnancy is discovered and resume Maca if they are breast-feeding to support milk production.

It is important to remember that  maca is NOT a hormone. MACA is a food that nourishes the hormonal system to maintain optimal balance and health, and works by stimulating the Hypothalamus & Pituitary Glands to help balance the Endocrine Glands.

MACA was originally studied by Dr. Chacon because of it’s ability to ward off malnutrition in the poorer regions of Peru.  Maca is especially high in calcium and magnesium and has proven to be successful in promoting healthy bone formation.

More information is available in the Hormone section.______

FDA-Required Statement: Information on this site is provided for informational purposes and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing any medication. You should read carefully all product packaging. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.  Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Maca Live™ is not recommended for women on birth control.
We cannot guarantee that you will not get pregnant.


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